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From Writing Expert to Launching an Online School: $50K Launch Week

Shelly Davies is a badass copywriter based in Rotorua, New Zealand, who helps her clients crush their business copywriting. However, when it came to launching and scaling her online courses, she struggled to get any traction or sales. She had tried everything from rebranding to paid ads, but nothing seemed to work.

The Problem: Shelly’s Struggle to Launch and Scale Her Online Courses

Despite her years of experience and expertise, Shelly couldn’t seem to crack the code when it came to launching and scaling her online courses. She had tried various strategies and tactics, but none of them seemed to yield any significant results.

The Solution: Abhi’s Proven 7-Step Online Coaching OS Framework

Shelly met Abhi and implemented his proven 7-step online coaching OS framework. Abhi worked with Shelly to create a new brand for her online school to ensure scalability. He also consulted on a new website built for conversions, and automations created a launch strategy and provided coaching and mentoring throughout the project lifespan.

Abhi and Shelly worked together on several key tasks to help her launch and scale her online course successfully:

Magnetic Brand

Abhi and Shelly created a new brand for her online school, ensuring scalability, and attracting a broader audience.

Website Built for Conversions

Abhi provided his expertise on building a website that converts visitors into customers, ensuring that Shelly’s course was presented in the best possible light.


Abhi provided guidance on automating the sales process, ensuring that Shelly could focus on delivering the course, while her website worked for her in the background.

Launch Strategy

Abhi provided Shelly with a comprehensive launch strategy that included email marketing, social media, and other promotional activities to drive traffic to her website.

Provided coaching and mentoring

Abhi provided Shelly with ongoing coaching and mentoring throughout the project lifespan, ensuring that she felt supported and motivated every step of the way.

The Result: $50,000 Launch Week

By the end of the 7-day launch, Shelly made an impressive $50,000 in online course sales. In just five weeks and six days, she had achieved what she had been trying to do for years with no success. When asked about her experience, Shelly said, “The journey’s been all over the place, right, and sometimes you put a hole in my hand, you were my hand holder because I was like, and then other times you’re my cheerleader, you’re like, and I’m texting you because I’m excited, and you’ll be in good hands if you’ve come to heaven.”

Conclusion: How Online Coaching OS Framework Helped Shelly Achieve Success

With the help of Abhi’s Online Coaching OS framework and expertise, Shelly was finally able to achieve the success she had been striving for. The School of unProfessional Writing is now a thriving online school, thanks to Abhi’s guidance and Shelly’s hard work. If you’re struggling to launch or scale your online courses, consider implementing Abhi’s 7-step online coaching OS framework and see how it can help you achieve your goals.

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